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Tomographic Reconstruction of Neopterous Carboniferous Insect Nymphs

Figure 1

The insect nymph Anebos phrixos gen. et sp. nov. MNHN.F.SOT005630 from the Montceau-les-Mines Lagerstätte, France.

A. Dorsal view, showing wingpads. B. Lateral aspect, of note is the orientation of the head and limbs. C. Ventral abdomen demonstrating trilobite underside. D. Anterior view, showing head, antennae and possible maxillary palps, in addition to leg segmentation. Abbreviations: an = antenna; ca = central axis; ce = cerci; e = eye; fe = femur; L1–3 = legs 1–3; lz = lateral zone; mp = maxillary palps (?); ms = mesonotum; mt = metanotum; pn = pronotum; ta = tarsus; ti = tibia; wp = wing pad. All scale bars equal 5 mm.

Figure 1