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In-Depth Investigation of Archival and Prospectively Collected Samples Reveals No Evidence for XMRV Infection in Prostate Cancer

Figure 4

Serological Detection of Antibodies to XMRV in Prostate Cancer Patients.

Evaluation of 39 plasma samples from prostate cancer patients for the presence of antibodies to XMRV/MLV using recombinant-based XMRV p15E and gp70 chemiluminsescent microparticle immunoassays (CMIAs) [70]. The x-axis represents the CMIA signal expressed in units of natural log–transformed signal ratio of sample to the cutoff (log N of S/CO); values greater than 0 are considered positive. Signals of the positive controls (PC1 and PC2) corresponding to XMRV-infected macaque plasma and negative control (NC) corresponding to a normal blood donor are highlighted in dark green.

Figure 4