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In-Depth Investigation of Archival and Prospectively Collected Samples Reveals No Evidence for XMRV Infection in Prostate Cancer

Figure 2

Detection of XMRV in Prostate Cancer Tissues and Archival RNA Extracts by Microarray.

Samples were analyzed using the ViroChip, a pan-viral DNA detection microarray (x-axis). The heat map shows a selected cluster consisting of 96 gammaretrovirus probes (y-axis) and corresponding to the same cluster observed in the 2006 study by Urisman, et al [1]. The red color saturation indicates the normalized magnitude of hybridization intensity. Microarrays corresponding to key samples are highlighted (arrows). Only prostate cancer samples VP35 and VP42 were found to be consistently positive for XMRV from both total and polyA RNA [1].

Figure 2