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Differential Glioma-Associated Tumor Antigen Expression Profiles of Human Glioma Cells Grown in Hypoxia

Figure 7

Comparison of HLA-Class I profiles of human glioma cells grown under hypoxic or normoxic conditions.

The U251, U87, T98G, LN18 or D54 glioma cells were either grown under normoxic or hypoxic conditions for 1 week. The cells were stained for either cell-surface HLA-A2 (U251, U87, T98G and LN18) or HLA-ABC framework (D54) specific antibodies. Ten thousand cells were analyzed by flow cytometry. The profile or the hypoxic cells (labeled H, indicated by heavy line) is compared to the shaded normoxic cells (labeled N, indicated by thin line). The isotypic controls of the normoxic and hypoxic cells are superimposable and are shown as a single black shaded profile.

Figure 7