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Differential Glioma-Associated Tumor Antigen Expression Profiles of Human Glioma Cells Grown in Hypoxia

Figure 6

Two-color fluorescent microscopy shows co-localization of Whsc2 and YKL-40 with HIF-1α in U251 CD133+ “stem-like” cell induced tumors.

Human U251 neurosphere “stem cells” were implanted into the brain of a nude mouse. When the glioma was showing an effect on the mouse, the mouse was euthanized and the brain was removed. Serial sections were cut and then stained with either anti-HIF-1α (red), Whsc2 (green) or YKL-40 (green). The nuclei are stained with DAPI (blue). The Top Panel Row shows a 4× magnification with HIF-1α and Whsc2, while the Middle Row Panels are taken with a 40× magnification. The Bottom Row Panels are the 40× magnification of HIF-1α and YKL-40 stained cells.

Figure 6