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Differential Glioma-Associated Tumor Antigen Expression Profiles of Human Glioma Cells Grown in Hypoxia

Figure 5

Hypoxia induces HIF-1α expression along with EZH2 and Whsc2 in hypoxic U251 cells as detected by confocal microscopy.

U251 cells were grown on a coverslips for 7 days either under normoxic or hypoxic conditions, the cells were fixed, permeabilized and stained with the primary antibodies (HIF-1α, EZH and Whsc2). The cells were then visualized at 40× magnification. The Top Panels compare the normoxic and hypoxic pairings of HIF-1α and EZH2, while the Bottom Panels compare the HIF-1α and Whsc2 pairings.

Figure 5