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Differential Glioma-Associated Tumor Antigen Expression Profiles of Human Glioma Cells Grown in Hypoxia

Figure 4

TAPP profiles grown under hypoxic condition are reversible after growing the cells for 1 week under normoxic conditions.

U251 cells were grown under hypoxic conditions for 1 week were analyzed for qRT-PCR (designated as Hypoxic). An aliquot of these cells was continued to grow under hypoxic conditions for another 6 days (13 days total under hypoxic conditions). These cells were returned to normoxic conditions for one more week (designated as Hypoxic to Normoxic). These cells were compared to those U251 cells grown under normoxic conditions for 2 weeks. Panel A shows the genes that were up-regulated by hypoxia, while Panel B shows the genes that were down-regulated. The horizontal lines represent fold-change value of 1 which represents a baseline value of normoxic values.

Figure 4