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Differential Glioma-Associated Tumor Antigen Expression Profiles of Human Glioma Cells Grown in Hypoxia

Figure 1

TAPP genes were differentially expressed in glioma cells grown under hypoxic conditions for one week.

After one week of culture the hypoxic and normoxic grown cells were harvested, lysed and prepared for qRT-PCR analysis using the glioma tumor antigen panel. The cells grown under hypoxic conditions (1% O2) were directly compared to those simultaneously matched cells grown under normoxic conditions for 1 week. Samples were analyzed 3–6 times depending upon the closeness of the results. Data is represented as fold changes ± standard error of the means. Panel A shows TAPP genes that were up-regulated in both cell lines; the horizontal line represents the cut-off value (1.9-fold increase) that we believe represents a biologically significant value. Panel B shows the genes down-regulated in both glioma cells. The horizontal line in this panel represents a ≥−1.9- fold reduction value which we believe represents a threshold of biological significance. The data for the other TAPPs, which did not show any significant change, and is not presented for the sake of brevity. The single asterisk signifies P<0.05, while double asterisk shows P<0.01 value between the data generated from the normoxic and hypoxic cells.

Figure 1