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Evidence of Melanoma in Wild Marine Fish Populations

Figure 4

Histological section of LR white resin embedded samples of healthy and diseased Plectropomus leopardus; a) Healthy section stained with toluidine blue; b) lesion stained with toluidine blue; c) healthy section stained with melanin specific stain Masson-Fontana; d) lesion stained with Masson-Fontana; e) Transmission Electron Micorgraph (TEM) of healthy section; f) TEM of lesion; g) higher magnification of TEM in (e); h) higher magnification of TEM in (f).

Scale bars for (a–f) = 10 µm; scale bars for (g) and (h) = 2 µm. D = dermis (cologne of stroma), E = epithelium, M = melanosome, N = cell nucleus, CBM = caliginous basal membrane. Double headed arrows shows thickening of the integument, characteristic of laboratory induced-melanomas in the Xiphophorus model.

Figure 4