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Ancient Migratory Events in the Middle East: New Clues from the Y-Chromosome Variation of Modern Iranians

Figure 1

Frequencies of the main Y-chromosome haplogroups in the whole Iranian population (inset pie), in the 14 Iranian provinces under study and in East Turkey [23], Iraq [20], Saudi Arabia [26] and Pakistan [24]).

(a) Azeris and Assyrians, (b) Armenians, Assyrians and Zoroastrians, (c) Persians and Zoroastrians, (d) Bandari and Afro-Iranians. Pie areas are proportional to the population sample size (small pies, N<50; intermediate pies, 50<N<100; large pies, N>100) and the areas of the sectors are proportional to the haplogroup frequencies in the relative population.

Figure 1