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Spottier Targets Are Less Attractive to Tabanid Flies: On the Tabanid-Repellency of Spotty Fur Patterns

Figure 1

Results of experiments 1 and 2.

(A) Colour pictures and patterns of the degree d and angle α (clockwise from the vertical) of linear polarization of light reflected from the shady brown-and-white spotty horizontal sticky test surfaces with 1 (H1), 4 (H4), 16 (H16) and 64 (H64) brown spots used in experiment 2 and measured by imaging polarimetry in the blue (450 nm) part of the spectrum when the optical axis of the polarimeter was −30° from the horizontal. (B, C) Number N of tabanids captured by the brown and white regions of the vertical and horizontal spotty and sticky test surfaces in experiments 1 and 2 as a function of the area (m2) covered by one brown spot.

Figure 1