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Evolutionary Diversification of Banded Tube-Dwelling Anemones (Cnidaria; Ceriantharia; Isarachnanthus) in the Atlantic Ocean

Figure 3

Analysis of maximum likelihood with estimation of relaxed molecular clock dating the node Isarachnanthus bandanensis X Isarachnanthus nocturnus with the closure of Isthmus of Panama.

Note that each bar represents a marker used in the analysis and the last with three concatenated markers. Myr – Millions of years. A – The ancestral species of I. bandanensis + I. maderensis + I. nocturnus; B – Isarachnanthus maderensis; C – The ancestral species of I. bandanensis + I. nocturnus; D – Isarachnanthus nocturnus and E – Isarachnanthus bandanensis.

Figure 3