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Threshold for Onset of Injury in Chinook Salmon from Exposure to Impulsive Pile Driving Sounds

Figure 9

Contour plots of experimental space.

The background layer plots the SELcum contours (blue dashed lines represented by SELcum = SELss +10log10 (Number of impulses)) by SELss, and number of impulses within the Treatment range. The solid black lines labeled 1–10 are a contour plot of the log transformed RWI which illustrates value increases as SELss increases; represented by RWI = exp(−30.050+0.149 * SELcum –0.000171 * Number of strikes )-1. The upper black horizontal line indicates the 1920 strike-line, and the bottom black horizontal line indicates the 960 strike-line. Together, the plots shows where the RWI contours fall over the SELcum range and SELss range in relation to number of impulses.

Figure 9