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Different Emotional Disturbances in Two Experimental Models of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy in Rats

Figure 5

Statistical correlations (including all animals) between post-behavioral corticosterone levels and behavioral indices obtained in the social interaction and open field tasks.

(A) Correlation between behavioral parameters in the open field and social interaction test. Symbol code: (•) control Wistar, (○) control Sprague-Dawley, (▪) lithium-pilocarpine Wistar, (□) lithium-pilocarpine Sprague-Dawley, (▴) kainate Wistar and (Δ) kainate Sprague-Dawley. (B) Correlation between the exploration in the inner zone in the open field and the post-behavioral corticosterone levels. (C) Correlation between the juvenile exploration ratio in the social interaction test and post-behavioral corticosterone level.

Figure 5