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Evolution of Fruit Traits in Ficus Subgenus Sycomorus (Moraceae): To What Extent Do Frugivores Determine Seed Dispersal Mode?

Figure 2

Phylogeny of Ficus subgenus Sycomorus using maximum likelihood estimation.

The Bayesian topology was similar and we have mapped node support from both analyses (BP/PP). Node support was mapped for nodes with >75 BP or >0.90 PP. Also shown are fruit traits, including fig placement (squares; black = axial, dark grey = cauliflorous type (i), no fill = cauliflorous type (ii), light grey = geocarpic), fig colour (circles; black = red, dark grey = green), and fig diameter (triangles; light grey = <2 cm, dark grey = 2–<4 cm, black = 4+cm), biogeographic distribution (diamonds; light grey = Africa (+Madagascar and Indian Ocean), dark grey = Asia (West of Wallace’s line), black = Pacific (East of Wallace’s line)), and current taxonomy based on morphological characteristics.

Figure 2