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The Global Diversity of Parasitic Isopods Associated with Crustacean Hosts (Isopoda: Bopyroidea and Cryptoniscoidea)

Figure 1

Representative crustacean hosts parasitized by epicaridean isopods.

A) Synalpheus fritzmuelleri Coutière, 1909 (Caridea: Alphaeidae) from Caribbean Panama, with unidentified bopyrid, possibly Bopyrella harmopleon Bowman, 1956 (known from this host in Venezuela); B) Miopontonia yongei Bruce, 1985 (Caridea: Palaemonidae) from Bali, Indonesia (new host locality record, previously known from Australia and southern Japan), with unidentified bopyrid (host previously not recorded with any bopyrid); C) Lebbeus grandimanus (Bražnikov, 1907) (Caridea: Hippolytidae) from North East Pacific, with unidentified bopyrid, likely Bopyroides hippolytes Krøyer, 1838 (known from this host in the North East Pacific); D) Aliaporcellana cf. suluensis (Anomura: Porcellanidae) from Fiji possibly with Allorbimorphus haigae Bourdon, 1976 (known from this host in Indonesia but this Fijian would represent a more than 5600 km range extension for this bopyrid); E) Gnathophyllum americanum Guérin-Méneville, 1855 (Caridea: Gnathophyllidae) from Japan with unidentified bopyrid, possibly Schizobopyrina bombyliaster Williams & Boyko, 2004 (known from this host in Tonga); F) Hemigrapsus nudus (Dana, 1851) (Brachyura: Varunidae) from Coos Bay, Oregon with carapace removed to show the entoniscid Portunion conformis Muscatine, 1956 (arrowhead); G) Lithoscaptus helleri (Fize & Serene, 1957) (Brachyura: Cryptochiridae) from Indonesia with unidentified bopyrid in left branchial chamber (host previously not recorded with any bopyrid); H) Alpheus sp. aff. paracrinitus Miers, 1881 (Caridea: Alpheidae) from Fiji with Faba sp. (Cryptoniscidae) attached to ventral surface (host not previously recorded with any epicaridean). Photographs used by permission of Arthur Anker (A, D), Rokus Groeneveld (B), Bob Bailey (C), Yoshihisa Fujita (E), Jason Williams (F), Sancia van der Meij (G) and Leslie Harris (H).

Figure 1