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Proof of Concept of Microbiome-Metabolome Analysis and Delayed Gluten Exposure on Celiac Disease Autoimmunity in Genetically At-Risk Infants

Figure 2

Heatmaps of relative abundance of bacterial phylum in the GI microbiota of samples collected longitudinally from 7 d to 24 months of age in DQ2+/DQ8+ infants (color key is indicated on the right).

A. Samples are grouped by subjects ID and intervention groups. B. Samples are grouped by timepoints. Red bars indicate samples from subjects in intervention group B. Missing data point are indicated with a white vertical line. Stool samples collected from adult subjects that were processed in parallel are included for comparison (from left to right): subject 69: gluten-free diet for more than 24 weeks and HLA DQ2/8+; subject 103: HLA DQ2/8+, subject 67 HLA DQ2/8−; subject 86: diagnosed with CD and HLA DQ2/8+; subject 34: gluten-free diet for more than 24 months and HLA DQ2/8+; subject 36: HLA DQ2/8−; subject 6: HLA DQ2/8+; subject 49: HLA DQ2/8−.

Figure 2