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Genomic Heterogeneity in a Natural Archaeal Population Suggests a Model of tRNA Gene Disruption

Figure 3

Characterization of the insertion sequence found at the tRNAThr gene locus.

(A) Schematic representations of clones JFF006_G04 and JFF014_A09, and the enlarged putative insertion sequence. The colors correspond to those used in Figure 2. Homologous regions between the cloned sequences are linked by a dashed line and the similarity scores are shown. The two regions ‘a’ (pink) and ‘b’ (blue arrow) are shown, along with their respective lengths. (B) Regions homologous to the ‘a’ and ‘b’ sequences (at the nucleotide level for ‘a’ and amino acid level for ‘b’) are mapped to the schematic representation of the composite genome, and each is numbered (a1–a6 or b1–b7).

Figure 3