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Imaging the Impact of Chemically Inducible Proteins on Cellular Dynamics In Vivo

Figure 3

Characterization of tunable E-cadherin-zsG-DD protein expression in 231LN cells in vitro.

A) Representative images of 231LN cells expressing fluorescent E-cadherin chimeras. Cell nucleus as stained by Hoechst (blue), E-cadherin-zsGreen (green), and tdTomato to highlight the cytoplasm (red) reveal the changes in cell morphology when E-cadherin is over-expressed (row 2) or induced with Shield-1 for 12 hours (row 4) compared to control (row 1) or un-induced cells (row 3). Arrows (yellow) highlight junctions formed by Shield-1-stabilized E-cadh-zG-DD. Scale bars are 20 µm. Insets show magnified view (250%) of cellular junctions. B) Examples of circularity measurements of representative 231LN cells (left) and 231LN cells expressing E-cadh-zsG-DD treated with 1.0 µM Shield-1 (right). C) Circularity measurements to assess a mesenchymal vs. epithelial morphology in cells described above. N = 70 per group, * denotes p<0.01 between groups, 2-way ANOVA.

Figure 3