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Imaging the Impact of Chemically Inducible Proteins on Cellular Dynamics In Vivo

Figure 1

A chemically tunable form of E-cadherin for use in intravital imaging.

A) Expression vectors encoding tunable zsGreen (pzsGreen-DD), fluorescent E-cadherin (pE-cadh-zsG) and tunable fluorescent E-cadherin (pE-cadh-zsG-DD). Components include CMV promoter (pCMV), zsGreen fluorescent protein (zsGreen), the Shield-1 binding degradation domain (FKBP-DD), and E-cadherin. B) Schematic of MDA-MB-231-luc-D3H2LN (231LN) cells used to express tunable proteins and the predicted behavior of cells in the presence or absence of Shield-1. 231LN tumor cells were stably transfected with tdTomato and zsGreen alone or as a fusion with E-cadherin. C) Intravital imaging platform (right) with avian embryo imaging chamber (left) to maintain proper temperature (37°C) and humidity (>90%) used to perform in vivo three dimensional time-lapse imaging of micrometastases in the chorioallantoic membrane of the avian embryo.

Figure 1