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DNA Barcoding for Community Ecology - How to Tackle a Hyperdiverse, Mostly Undescribed Melanesian Fauna

Figure 3

Cox1-based RaxML subtree including three morphospecies for which we sequenced nDNA markers.

Red bar = initial morphospecies hypotheses. Additional bars are species delineation based on nDNA markers (green), GMYC analysis (yellow), clustering at different thresholds using SpeciesIdentifier (blue bars) and the final identification based both on morphological and molecular data (black). Bootstrap values at the nodes are based on 200 replicates. In tip labels, areas where specimens were found are indicated: ARF = Arfak, SOG = Sogeri, EHL = Eastern highlands, BI = Biak, CYC = Cyclops. 1 ARC1109: single female not included in the analyses.

Figure 3