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Human NK Cells Differ More in Their KIR2DL1-Dependent Thresholds for HLA-Cw6-Mediated Inhibition than in Their Maximal Killing Capacity

Figure 4

Sample fitting graphs.

The dependence of target cell lysis on target cell MHC expression level. Dashed lines: κ values calculated from experimental lysis data based on Figure S1D. Solid lines: the best fit of model results to the data (in clones C1.4 and C2.1 these lines are masked by the dashed lines). The values of n, S and κmax that yielded best fit for each clone modeled are indicated on the figures. The parameter value ranges used in these runs were: n was 0.25–3.00, varied in 23 steps of 0.125; S was 0–5*109, varied in 101 steps of 5*107; κmax was 0.01–0.21, varied in 21 steps of 0.01.

Figure 4