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Functional Analysis beyond Enrichment: Non-Redundant Reciprocal Linkage of Genes and Biological Terms

Figure 3

Analysis of gene sets from 3 biomolecular resources: CORUM, OMIM, SGD.

Results of the analysis of thirty gene sets derived from three biomolecular resources: mammalian multiprotein complexes (CORUM), human diseases (OMIM) and yeast cellular pathways (SGD). Each row corresponds to an independent gene set and it includes the result of the functional analysis showing the first metagroup obtained running the method. Each analysis is evaluated with respect to the reference gene sets calculating the Precision, Recall and F-score (in %). The analyses are done introducing 20% random noise; meaning the proportion of random-selected genes added to each query gene set. The number of terms found is indicated in each row. Not all the terms are described due to space restrictions (last column). A complete table, including also the results at 60% random noise and all the information about the specific genes and terms found in each metagroup, is provided as Table S2.

Figure 3