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Phosphorylation Alters the Interaction of the Arabidopsis Phosphotransfer Protein AHP1 with Its Sensor Kinase ETR1

Figure 2

Binding curves of the sensor kinase ETR1 and histidine transfer protein AHP1.

Measurements were done in the presence of 100 µM ethephon (•) or 100 µM potassium cyanide (○). In a control experiment (▴) the cofactor copper essential for ethylene binding was omitted. The dashed grey curve (—) represents a fit to these data according to Equation 2 corresponding to a dissociation constant of 1.4 µM [18]. Binding curves fitted to the experimental data obtained in the presence of ethephon (——) or in the presence of cyanide (——) correspond to dissociation constants of 7.7 µM and 9 µM, respectively.

Figure 2