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Isolation and Characterization of CvIV4: A Pain Inducing α- Scorpion Toxin

Figure 4

Amino acid sequence of subfraction P4-4 (CvIV4) and C. vittatus venom gland cDNA that encodes toxin CvIV4.

A. Comparison of amino acid sequences representing CvIV4. The upper sequence represents the initial 40 amino acids of the purified peptide obtained from Edman degradation. Amino acid residues that could not be determined are shown as “X”. The lower sequence represents the translation of nucleotides from the cDNA encoding CvIV4 isolated from C. vittatus venom gland. Sequences representing the peptide and translated gene are identical with the exception of the five amino acid residues (X's) that could not be identified. B. Nucleotide sequence from venom gland cDNA that encodes toxin CvIV4. Nucleotide sequence from the 5′ and 3′ untranslated region (UTR) is shown as lower case letters. Sequence from the mature peptide is shown as upper case letters. Amino acid residues translated from nucleotide sequence are shown as upper case letters positioned below their corresponding codons. Amino acids designating the signal peptide are underlined and shown in bold.

Figure 4