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Isolation and Characterization of CvIV4: A Pain Inducing α- Scorpion Toxin

Figure 3

Effect of C. vittatus venom P4 subfractions on paw-licking behavior in Mus musculus.

A. High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) profile of C. vittatus venom P4 subfractions. Fraction P4 was separated into four subfractions (P4-1, P4-2, P4-3, P4-4). B. Duration of hind-paw licking by M. musculus injected with C. vittatus P4 subfractions. Each sample was tested on two mice and each mouse was injected only once. Paw licking was recorded for five minutes following the injection. The paw licking values from both the first and second tests are shown in plot. Note, values for the first and second tests for P4-1 are identical and markers overlap.

Figure 3