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Isolation and Characterization of CvIV4: A Pain Inducing α- Scorpion Toxin

Figure 1

Mean (+1SE) duration of paw licking for Mus musculus injected with scorpion venom or water.

Samples of whole, soluble venom from three scorpion species induced more hind-paw licking in M. musculus than the water control during a ten-minute test period following the injection (F = 37.25; df = 1, 28; P<0.0001). However, Centruroides' venom induced more paw licking than V. spinigerus venom (F = 9.49; df = 1, 28; P = 0.0046). There was no statistical difference in the duration of paw licking induced by C. vittatus and C. exilicauda venom (F = 2.47; df = 1, 28; P = 0.1275).

Figure 1