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Global Analysis of Proline-Rich Tandem Repeat Proteins Reveals Broad Phylogenetic Diversity in Plant Secretomes

Figure 3

Phylogenetic distributions of three core module plant Pro-rich TRP classes.

(A–C) Circular trees show genera distributions, with major plant divisions (same as Figure 2A) labeled around each tree. Versions of trees showing all genera are illustrated in the Figures S4 (EXTA), S7 (AGPA), and S8 (PELPK). The 143 leaves in these trees represent the genera that are either captured by our TR taxonomy (Tables S3, S4, S5) or represented by at least one secreted Pro-rich TRP in our analysis (Table S2). Taxonomic data were downloaded from NCBI, and trees were rendered using PhyloWidget [53].

Figure 3