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Hippocampal-Dependent Spatial Memory in the Water Maze is Preserved in an Experimental Model of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy in Rats

Figure 1

Typical electrographic seizures recorded from the dorsal hippocampus from rats treated either with lithium-pilocarpine (LIP) of kainic acid (KA).

(A) LIP- Sprague-Dawley, (B) LIP-Wistar, (C) KA-Sprague-Dawley, and (D) KA-Wistar. (E) Mean stage of spontaneous seizures from different groups, as evaluated from clinical signs according to the Racine scale. Mean seizure grade was obtained from a total of 12 (LIP-SD), 13 (LIP-W), 12 (KA-SD) and 12 (KA-W) spontaneous seizures. (F) Mean duration of video-taped convulsive seizures defined from forelimb automatisms (mean data from 5 seizures per group). (G) Mean duration of electrographic seizures recorded from the dorsal hippocampus. The number of seizures per group is: LIP-SD: 3; LIP-W: 4; KA-SD: 3; KA-W: 4. Data is presented mean ± SD.

Figure 1