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High-Resolution Quantification of Focal Adhesion Spatiotemporal Dynamics in Living Cells

Figure 8

The lengths of the assembly and disassembly phases in S178A mutant FAs are significantly different from those in the wild-type, while the stability phase lengths are unaffected.

The phase length values include all adhesions where the log-linear models fit with a p-value of 0.05 or less. Error bars indicate 99% confidence intervals on the mean phase length as determined through 50,000 bootstrap samples. A double asterisk (**) indicates p<10−5 and single asterisk (*) indicates p<0.05. Wild-type N Values: Assembly (1068), Stability (465), Disassembly (1392); S178A N Values: Assembly (2106), Stability (870), Disassembly (1802).

Figure 8