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High-Resolution Quantification of Focal Adhesion Spatiotemporal Dynamics in Living Cells

Figure 7

The S178A mutation in Paxillin alters adhesion assembly and disassembly.

(A and B) The rate of adhesion assembly and disassembly are significantly decreased by the S178A mutation. The S178A median FA assembly rate is decreased by 42% compared to the wild-type cells, while the median disassembly rate is decreased by 36%. (C and D) The S178A mutation shifts the median adhesion birth location away from the cell edge, but has no effect on the location of cell death. The S178A median adhesion birth position is 31% greater than wild-type median birth position. The median position at adhesion death is decreased by 4% between the S178A and wild-type cells. P-values were calculated in the same manner as in Figure 5.

Figure 7