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HIVToolbox, an Integrated Web Application for Investigating HIV

Figure 9

Interactive protein display page for Tat in HIVToolbox.

Sequence window, Structure windows, Log windows, and Sequence Alignment section of HIVToolbox are shown. The interactive results page for HIV-1 tat is shown. The scrollable sequence window shows the protein sequence, domains (with colored fonts), functional residues (highlighted), protein-protein interaction sites (thin lines under sequence), mapped protein structures (thin colored lines over sequence) and minimotifs (figures under sequence). The synchronized interactive structural displays show domains and selected minimotifs (left panel), functional sites and selected protein-protein interaction sites (center panel), and residues conserved at or above a sequence conservation threshold selected with a slider or text box (right panel). The Sequence Alignment section shows alignment of a representative set of 20 sequences with the RefSeq sequence and the structure sequence. A second tab reveals a position specific-scoring matrix of amino acid frequencies at each position in the protein. More details about the features and use of HIVToolbox are in the supplement, and video tutorials are at Bio-Toolkit [].

Figure 9