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Gitools: Analysis and Visualisation of Genomic Data Using Interactive Heat-Maps

Figure 2

Case study.

A. Expression matrix of a subset of probes for 156 samples classified as Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), adenocarcinoma (ADC), large cell carcinoma (LCC) and adjacent normal lung tissue samples (normal) from Hou et al [25]. B. Heat-map of z-scores per pathway and sample resulting from an enrichment analysis using KEGG pathways as modules (only a selected subset of KEGG pathways are shown). C. Correlation of expression values per sample. D. Heat-map of p-values per gene indicating significant up-regulation for Hou et al experiment and 11 other lung tumor experiments imported from IntOGen. The heat-map shows the top significant genes in Hou et al experiment. E. One column heat-map depicting the combined p-value for up-regulation considering the 12 lung cancer experiments for the top significant genes in Hou et al. F. Result of the overlap analysis of genes significantly up-regulated in Hou et al and the other 11 lung cancer experiments from IntOGen.

Figure 2