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A New FACS Approach Isolates hESC Derived Endoderm Using Transcription Factors

Figure 3

GSEA analysis of the definitive endoderm (DE) gene sets for the day 5 SOX17+GATA4+CXCR4+ group.

As shown in (A–C), the MGI gene set is highly enriched in the d5 SOX17+GATA4+CXCR4+ cells in multiple comparisons. d5SOX17+GATA4+CXCR4+ vs. hESC (unfixed hESCs+fixed hESCs): P<0.0002 (A); d5SOX17+GATA4+CXCR4+ vs. Unsort1 (d3Fix+d3 SOX17GATA+d5Fix.1+d5Fix.3): P = 0.0304 (B); and d5 SOX17+GATA4+CXCR4+ vs Unsort2 (d5Fix.2+d5Fix.4): P = 0.0013 (C). We repeated the GSEA analysis on the Melton gene set. This gene set is enriched in d5SOX17+GATA4+CXCR4+ cells in all comparisons (D–F).

Figure 3