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Timescales of Multineuronal Activity Patterns Reflect Temporal Structure of Visual Stimuli

Figure 2

Pattern specificity.

(A) Specificity plots at two integration time constants for responses to drifting sinusoidal gratings. Far right: color intensity code for specificity. (B) Appearance of specific and stimulus-locked patterns with a time constant of 5 ms. Three examples (rows) are shown from the dataset with 49 flashed graphemes. From left to right: stimulus, color sequences on 50 trials, specificity thresholded color sequences (see text) with inset showing patterns precisely stimulus-locked across trials, pattern-triggered spike raster histograms (see text). Activation of component neurons in the patterns is shown in the second level inset (“Pattern”) with grayscale coding (white, activation = 0; black, activation ≥1).

Figure 2