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Conjunctive Processing of Locomotor Signals by the Ventral Tegmental Area Neuronal Population

Figure 7

Burst activation of the VTA putative DA neuron at wheel running initiation/termination.

(A) Rasters of two simultaneously recorded putative DA (unit 1) and non-DA (unit 2) neurons during voluntary wheel running. Red triangles indicate the start and stop of wheel running, respectively. It was noted that the two neurons were recorded from one tetrode in the VTA. (B) Peri-event rasters and histograms of the same two neurons (as shown in A) referenced to the starts (left panels) and stops (right panels) of wheel running. (C) VTA putative DA neurons exhibit significant higher probability of burst activity at starts and stops of wheel running in compare with the sustained wheel running. (n = 14; **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001, Student's paired t-test). Error bars represent s.e.m.

Figure 7