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Conjunctive Processing of Locomotor Signals by the Ventral Tegmental Area Neuronal Population

Figure 1

Muti-tetrode recording and spike sorting.

(A) Electrode array track shown on an example coronal brain section (top-right) and locations of the electrode array tip from 10 mice on the atlas section diagrams [44]. (B) Left panel, an example of spike sorting using principle component analysis (Plexon OfflineSorter). Here, multiple units were recorded simultaneously from one tetrode; red/purple/blue dots represent isolated units 1–3, respectively; yellow dots represent un-isolated spikes and noises; black dots represent overlapping spike waveforms, which would be manually assigned to units 1–3. Middle and right panels, representative spike waveforms for the units 1–3. Note that only unit 3 was classified as putative DA neuron, while units 1 and 2 were classified as non-DA neurons.

Figure 1