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TogoDoc Server/Client System: Smart Recommendation and Efficient Management of Life Science Literature

Figure 1

Screenshot of TogoDoc Client.

The four panes are, clockwise from the upper left pane, Article Explorer, Literature Tabs, Search Pane, and Tag Explorer. Article Explorer is a file manager for all PDF-storing folders specified by users, which are Folder 1 and Folder 2 in this example. The filenames of PDF papers are listed, and many functions are available via right-click context menus. The icon to the left of ReagentsCatalog.pdf indicates that this file could not be analyzed by the Client, and the asterisks before the filenames indicate that these files have not yet been checked by the user; they are preferentially displayed at the top of the file lists. Literature Tab presents detailed information about papers selected in Article Explorer or Search Pane, and it also lets users edit their bibliographic information and invoke search functions. Users can open multiple tabs to check several papers simultaneously if necessary. Search Pane displays the results of the various search functions and literature recommendations. In this view, the Client is downloading a recommended paper list from the server. Tag Explorer manages tags created by users. All papers having tags are displayed in this pane as leaves of tag hierarchies. Users can create new tags in this pane in addition to Literature Tabs and can tag papers by dragging and dropping them from the Article Explorer described above. In addition, the various buttons on the top of the window and the menu bar are provided for the important and full functions of the Client, respectively. This screenshot was taken using MacOS X, and the interface is almost identical in Windows, except that the menu bar is included in the window. See main text for details of each pane.

Figure 1