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Temporal Dynamics of Distinct CA1 Cell Populations during Unconscious State Induced by Ketamine

Figure 11

Summary of distinct firing dynamics of pyramidal cells and 7 different types of interneurons in CA1.

(A) The chart illustrates the anatomical positions of pyramidal cells and interneurons. Type-1 (basket cell), type-2 (bistratified cell) and type-3 (chandelier cell) are positioned in the pyramidal cell body layer in the hippocampus CA1 subregion. Type-4 (O-LM cell), Type-5, type-6, and type-7 interneurons located in the str. oriens. (B) Firing temporal rhythms of pyramidal cells and seven distinct types of interneurons under ketamine anesthesia. (C) Distinct profiles of distinct CA1 cells in relationship with theta oscillations (the first columns of plots from left), ripples (second colomun), and their autocorrelograms during sleep (third column) and ketamine-induced anesthesia (right column).

Figure 11