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Temporal Dynamics of Distinct CA1 Cell Populations during Unconscious State Induced by Ketamine

Figure 3

Pyramidal cell properties in the absence or presence of ketamine.

(A) Averaged spike waveforms of 211 recorded pyramidal cells by using stereotrode are shown in left upper panel, solid lines represent the mean spike waveforms and the dashed lines indicate the mean±S.D. The middle and lower left panels illustrate the spike timing of pyramidal cells with relationship to theta oscillations and ripple epochs respectively. (B) The average auto-correlations of pyramidal cells 5 min after ketamine injection, and during sleep and running are shown. Autocorrelograms are plotted in two different time scales. (C) Auto-correlation function of joint-activities of pyramidal cells. (D) Averaged interval histograms of pyramidal cell synchronous epochs over animals. Note the peak about 0.6 sec of the red line indicates that pyramidal cells exhibited slow rhythmical firings.

Figure 3