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Comparative Genomics Suggests that the Fungal Pathogen Pneumocystis Is an Obligate Parasite Scavenging Amino Acids from Its Host's Lungs

Figure 2

Estimation of the quality of the mapping onto KEGG maps by performing a re-prediction of the annotation of S. pombe proteome through intermediary data set consisting of one, two, three, or 18 fungal proteomes.

The KO - S. pombe association pairs obtained by “blasting” an intermediary data set were evaluated a posteriori as true positive (TP) or false positive (FP) according to the KO - S. pombe mapping which is provided by KEGG. Those missed KO - S. pombe pairs existing in KEGG were taken as false negatives (FN). The overall quality of the obtained mapping can be expressed in terms of precision TP/(TP+FP) and recall TP/(TP+FN).

Figure 2