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Comparative Genomics Suggests that the Fungal Pathogen Pneumocystis Is an Obligate Parasite Scavenging Amino Acids from Its Host's Lungs

Figure 1

Principle of the numerical experience used to optimize the precision and recall of the annotation predictions.

The S. pombe proteome (right box) was blasted against an intermediary set of fungal proteins, i.e. the proteome of S. cerevisiae in this example (middle box), and only the highest scoring blast matches were retained. By utilizing the S. cerevisiae mapping to the KEGG Orthologs (between the middle and left boxes), one can produce a mapping through S. cerevisiae of the S. pombe proteins to the KEGG Orthologs. The latter mapping can then be compared with the one that is actually provided by KEGG to compute precision and recall values. The experience was systematically repeated using different proteomes as intermediary data sets (or several proteomes at once), to eventually determine the optimal one.

Figure 1