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Evaluation of the Influenza A Replicon for Transient Expression of Recombinant Proteins in Mammalian Cells

Figure 7

Comparison of firefly luciferase expression driven by CMV, SV40 or by the influenza replicon.

HEK-293 cells were either tranfected with pcDNA-luc (CMV), pGL3-control (SV40) or with the influenza replicon and pMono-lucNS (Influenza Replicon) or with pMono-lucNS and pBi-NP only (Neg. Contr.). Additionally, pRL, coding for Renilla luciferase, was cotransfected in all cases. Cells were harvested 48 hours post transfection and subjected to luciferase assay. Firefly values have been normalized to Renilla values. Data represents arithmetic mean values and standard deviation.

Figure 7