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Natural Killer Cell Tolerance Persists Despite Significant Reduction of Self MHC Class I on Normal Target Cells in Mice

Figure 6

Expression levels of three Dd-specific Ly49 receptors in NK cell subsets of hemi- and homozygous mice.

Naive splenocytes from Dd+/+ (grey boxes) and Dd+/− (white boxes) mice, stained ex vivo and gated on viable, CD3CD19NK1.1+ cells negative for NKG2A, Ly49D and Ly49I. Graphs show surface expression levels of A) Ly49A, B) Ly49C and C) Ly49G2 in the indicated subset combination. Data are combined from at least three independent experiments. Comparisons between subsets within strains were done using one-way ANOVA (solid lines) and between strains (dotted lines) using t-test. P-values: * <0,05.

Figure 6