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Natural Killer Cell Tolerance Persists Despite Significant Reduction of Self MHC Class I on Normal Target Cells in Mice

Figure 5

Modeling of the effect of having multiple MHC class I ligands on Ly49 downmodulation.

Degree of Ly49A and -C downmodulation in mice expressing more than one MHC class I, and different models for their combined downmodulating effect. The “observed” levels were measured on freshly isolated NK1.1+ CD3 splenocytes. The expression is shown as Downmodulation Index (DMI), which means % reduction of median fluorescence intensity compared to the MHC−/− mouse. Values are averages of 3–7 experiments. The modeled values show expected DMI if the downmodulating effect of the MHC class I molecules were additive, dominant, or averaged. See Material and Methods for calculations. Error bars show standard deviations.

Figure 5