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Natural Killer Cell Tolerance Persists Despite Significant Reduction of Self MHC Class I on Normal Target Cells in Mice

Figure 2

MHC class I homozygous mice fail to kill MHC hemizygous splenocytes in vivo.

A–C) Inoculation of CFSEhigh labeled MHC class I hemizygous (white circles) or MHC class I-deficient (white squares) splenocytes as targets, and CFSElow syngeneic controls, into the indicated MHC class I homozygous recipient. Black symbols represent the corresponding recipient depleted of NK cells. D) Over-night rejection of CFSE labeled Kb+/−Db+/− targets compared to syngeneic controls in tilorone treated, NK1.1 depleted or untreated Kb+/+Db+/+ recipients. Graphs (A–C) show mean values and standard deviations from 2–3 experiments with total n = 10 (KbDb) and n = 4 mice (Kb and Dd), while in D, data show one representative out of 2 experiments performed (n = 2 mice per group).

Figure 2