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Gut Microbial Gene Expression in Mother-Fed and Formula-Fed Piglets

Figure 4

Relationship between gut microbial community structure and function.

(A) Mean relative abundances of bacterial taxa within cecal microbiota from 4 MF animals (black bars) and 4 FF animals (white bars) identified by analysis of non-ribosomal sequences within cDNA libraries. Taxonomic assignments for sequenced transcripts were made by identifying best BLASTN hits against an in-house database of microbial genomes. Differentially abundant phyla (p value<0.05) and genera (p value<0.01) are marked with a * if they were enriched within the MF samples and with a ** if they were enriched within FF samples. (B) Taxonomic origin of highly expressed genes. Expression levels for the two most abundant general COG hits and two most abundant individual COG hits are represented for each of the four most abundant bacterial phyla.

Figure 4