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Gut Microbial Gene Expression in Mother-Fed and Formula-Fed Piglets

Figure 2

A core microbial metatranscriptome in the piglet cecum.

(A) Mean relative abundances of annotated sequences within cDNA libraries from all 8 animals studied. Displayed are the automated SEED Level 1 Subsystem assignments, as determined by MG-RAST [33]. Low standard deviations indicate that variation in the gut metatranscriptome between subjects is low. (B) Projection of the global metabolic profiles onto the KEGG pathways using the iPath tool [35] demonstrates the overall similarity of the MF and FF gut microbial communities. Metabolic pathways common to both diets are shown in blue. Pathways unique to the MF animals are represented in green, and pathways unique to the FF animals are represented in red.

Figure 2