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Multi-Environment Model Estimation for Motility Analysis of Caenorhabditis elegans

Figure 6

Nematode segmentation for various locomotive environments.

(top row) Snapshots of raw images are respectively shown for crawling (Video S2), swimming in a drop (Video S4), swimming in a channel (Video S5), and locomotion in various microfluidic substrates (source: Supplemental Videos in Lockery et al. [21]). Comparisons between nematode segmentations are respectively shown for (i) the ground truth, i.e. hand-segmented nematodes (second row), (ii) a threshold-based approach [18], [19] (third row), and (iii) the Multi-Environment Model Estimation (MEME) algorithm (bottom row). See Table S1 for data on all 13 cases investigated.

Figure 6