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Genetic Control of Lithium Sensitivity and Regulation of Inositol Biosynthetic Genes

Figure 3

Elevated expression of Mipp1 and IP3 kinases alter lithium sensitivity.

A, Comparison of the I(1,3,4,5,6)P5 and IP6 concentration of wild type, dpoA null; mipp1 null and Mipp1 over-expressing cells. Values plotted (means ± standard error of 3 independent experiments) as percentage of the total IP content relative to wild type (*P<0.05, ** P<0.01 T-test). B, Cell tracks of wild type and mipp1 null mutant cells over-expressing IpkA1 and IpkB during chemotaxis in 7 mM LiCl. D = Directionality, S = cell speed (µm/min). Over-expression of IpkA1 and IpkB in wild type cells confers Li+ resistance, whereas Li+ hypersensitivity is maintained after over-expression in a mipp1 null mutant.

Figure 3